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Linda L.
Fabulous, gifted man of honor I have received many massages, but never from one with such awareness of how to relieve the source of my muscle tension. Shon's confidence, professionalism and skill is present, and his quiet kindness immediately invited my trust. I was not disappointed. He is strong and dialogs well to communicate my level of comfort. I have more flexibly, and my peace of mind is restored.
John L.
Perfect Experience Shon's exceptional skill is matched by his concern, confidence, and compassion. The massage was among the best I have received.
Ryan S.
Excellent Shon is very professional and extremely talented.
Brittany L.
He finally got rid of my headache. I was in a lot of pain from stress during the holidays and nothing was taking care of my headache until I recieved this massage. Shon was very receptive to what I said I needed taken care of in my neck area. My only complaint was the room was too cold but the decorating and energy were inviting.
Jay H.
A Great Experience! Shon is very professional and a great bodyworker. His superb skill has helped eliminate almost all pain from my injured leg. Highly recommended.
Lew C.
First Class treatment Shon is talented, hardworking, and very skilled in insuring that your aches and pains get the best possible attention. I highly recommend him.
Janet D.
Talk about GREAT! Shon has the education, skills and knowlegde to make a massage not only relaxing and enjoyable, but also to heal the pains! It was a wonderful, relaxing, soothing experience. I'll be back soon!
Aly H.
One of the best! I had my first massage with Shon three days ago. I have been having hip pain for over a year, stemming from tightness of the muscles in that area. Recently this tightness caused my back to seize up, giving me severe pain when standing, sitting, twisting, turning, bending, etc. Since Shon worked on me my symptoms have improved about 70%. I have had many massages in my life and this was definitely one of the best I've ever had. Shon was able to address so many of my issues in one session. I will definitely be going back to see him!
Jenny G.
5 Stars and then some! I have suffered for years from back pains due to injuries sustained in a car accident. I will not say that I am fully recovered after just one session but I can feel a very significant difference and I am genuinely looking forward to the continued effects that Shon's treatments will provide. For the record to any women who are leary of having an unknown man provide this service... I approached this treatment only after encouragement from my husband to do so, but because I was a victim as a child I was very apprehensive about the conditions (exposure) of the massage. I was so deeply impressed with Shon's professionalism and soothing manner that I can guarantee that I will be a client for a long time and that without any reservation I will and am recommending Shon to friends, family and associates.
Kristin J.
Wonderful The best massage I've ever had. Shon is a very intuitive, talented guy. I'm going back.
Caroline W.
Best massage I have ever had! I was a little uneasy about seeing a male massage therapist yet was immediately at ease with his professionalism, warm demeanor and healing touch. Shon is detailed, intuitive, and truly a master with his technique. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone I know.
Ami H.
A gifted healer! I had received a massage a few years ago and some muscle tissue had been damaged. After three years of tension and pain I was privileged to have Shon Love's touch. He is truly gifted: the pain in my shoulder had diminished. The damaged tissue feels different, better, worked, and redirected toward a healing process. Shon not only helped my shoulder along the road to recovery but his touch/presence/gift/whatever you want to call it, helped sooth a lot of emotional issues that had been suppressed. His gentle, professional, and intuitive nature is comforting and reassuring. Besides being healed and soothed by his touch, my body, muscles, tendons, bones, and circulation were better than ever. I felt younger, more flexible, and agile. My experience was wonderful and I recommend Shon Love to everyone!
Cherie C.
Million dollar hands I feel like a million bucks thi morning after my massage last night. He not only worked on the knots that have been hurting me he worked out the one's I didn't even know I had. I will for sure be going back again and again. Thank you so much Shon
Michael L.
Thanks so much! It was awesome. I will be back as soon as I can.
Chris H.
Chris H. Studying Massage Therapy with Shon, I have come to consider him one of my very good friends. Every single day I grew more and more impressed with Shon's developed skills and natural talent. In all of my career as a Massage Therapist, I've have strived to emulate Shon's talents in my own bodywork. It is such a privelege to have had the chance to study alonside such a compassionate, genuinely good man and outstanding bodyworker. I've thoroughly enjoyed trading work with Shon and consider it a luxury to be able to do so. Because of his world-class talent, there is no one I trust more to be my therapist then him. As bodyworkers, we become very picky with our massages and particular with whom we get them from. I prefer no one else above Shon. Anyone receiving bodywork from this truly amazing person should feel honored to contribute to the growth of his incredible talent. It is an understatement to say that Shon's work is second to none. I'm glad to say that I am his biggest fan. Anybody with muscles needs bodywork from Shon Love!
Lana H.
Miracle Hands I saw Shon three days ago because of a recommendation of a good friend. The experience was better than I could have imagined. He has miracle hands and has amazing knowledge of the body. I injured my rotator cuff and have had trouble working out because of the pain. The massage was WONDERFUL! My body felt envigorated. I will be recommending Shon to all my friends and family. I will be seeing Shon again soon.
Joyce B.
Healing Hands After my massages I feel so relaxed and healthy. Shon has amazing skills to know what hurts and what needs to be done to relieve tension, stress & pain. His quiet and caring ways help to heal body and mind.
Matthew L.
Cranial work Thanks Shon, it was just what I needed!
Cindy W.
I can sleep! I was waking during the night and struggling with some stiff, sore spots. Thanks to a great massage from Shon; I am sleeping like a baby!
Julie T.
Immediate Relief! I was a bit apprehensive when I went in for my first massage, but due to chronic neck tension and headaches I was ready to try anything. I am so glad I did! I had a headache when I went in the first time and my headache disappeared during the first few minutes. Shon seems to have deep intuition about how to apply exactly the right amount of pressure, and he seems to sense exactly where are my sorest most tense point exist. I scheduled another massage a little over a week later and I found myself looking forward to it all week. We are going to start a series of sessions to help me regain balance and to work through my problem areas (namely my neck.) I am so excited to finally be on the path to healing! Thank you for sharing your gifts Shon!
Paula T.
Feeling much better! After three weeks of bodyaches and being told by a Dr that I was 'coming down with something' I decided to get a massage as I had no other cold symptoms. Shon relieved all my aches and pains. My problem was lots of tension building up from stress resulting in back, neck and shoulder pain. I was impressed by his kindness and professionalism. The studio was both tranquil and comfortable and I look forward to going back. I highly recommed Shon.
Julie T.
Nothing Else Compares to Love Bodywork I have been receiving regular treatment from Shon for over three months now and I have seen such an improvement in both my overall health as well as the fact that the chronic headaches I used to get have diminished dramatically. Shon is an incredibly gifted healer. To be honest, I was quite apprehensive the first time about receiving this kind of treatment from a man since I had only ever had body work done by women. Ironically, Shon is much more intuitive and nurturing by nature than ANY of the women health care providers I have ever had. After doing a series of alignment therapy sessions with Shon, I have noticed much improvement in my posture and the balance between my hips, knees and shoulders. My most recent appointment was just sort of a maintenance session with some focus on alignment as well as just deep tissue massage to help me relax. During the session we were talking about shiatsu which I have been rather curious about and Shon took the time at the end of our session to give me a sample of what shiatsu is like which I really appreciated and enjoyed. He is very professional, accommodating, understanding and gentle. I can't imagine getting this kind of treatment from anybody else. He was born to heal people.
Deanna S.
Relaxing I am currently in an intense 90-Day program that has me working out 6 days a week for 1-2 hours in the morning and my muscles were screaming for a masage! I decided to give Shon a try after seeing online that he was close to where I worked. I have had several massages before and I must admit, this was a new experience for me. Shon has a unique technique and is able to really find the areas of discomfort and really work them out. I could actually turn my neck this morning! Thank you Shon!
Trish H.
Much Less Pain I went to Shon because I've been experiencing a lot of joint pain recently, a rare side effect of a flu shot. After one visit with Shon, my joint pain is MUCH better than it has been in several weeks. He is sensitive and very gentle; I would recommend him, and have recommended him to many of my family and friends. He is without doubt the best massage therapist I've been to.
Lorri L.
Amazing Therapist I have received several massages from Shon over the past few years, and he is absolutely amazing! He has an intuitive ability to find tension and relieve it. I have received relief from both muscle tension and chronic headaches at his hands. He is a very kind, professional therapist whom I would recommend to anyone.
Stacey C.
So thankful for his skill & knowledge Shon did a fantastic job! I am sending my husband!!
Jenny G.
Simple truth I needed help because of scar tissue build up in my neck and back due to injuries sustained in a car accident. I am a full-time student and a full-time mom. I almost forget what it is like to wake up in the mornings and not ache just to breathe. I started visiting Shon after being referred by my husband. Shon is caring and completely professional. I have received a few treatments from him and I have several more to go in the near future but the difference is quite remarkable. The decor, privacy and temperature were soothing and relaxing and the whole thing was perfect. I will be referring friends and family as much as possible to Shon.
Aly H.
No Fluff I just went for a therapy session with Shon. I am always amazed that he finds and tackles all of my problem areas. I have been frustrated with other massages from other therapists when they barely scratch the surface of areas of tension or pain. I call these fluff. They are relaxing but don't address any deeper issues. Shon is masterful at getting in there and fixing the problems. Although my one visit was amazing, I understand that one time will not give me long-term relief. I will be going back to Shon more regularly so he can get the tension and pain relieved more permanently.
Shannon A.
Wonferful A really great experience. The tension in my back was definitely lessened. Will definitely come back!
Manny S.
Good work I was very pleased in the technique Shon used as well as how meticulous he was in finding the trouble spots. I was able to leave the session feeling 100% better and not feeling sore the next day. It was comforting to know that I could be alleviated of my pain and function normally without having to guard any certain muscle groups.
Sally R.
Excellent Massage! Shon worked on all my areas of concern and did a great job. His professionalism, gentle manner and inviting office made me feel very comfortable. His fees are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Shon to anyone needing a massage.
Lynsey B.
Wonderful This massage was just what I needed. Shon knows just where the tension is and how to prevent and get rid of headaches. Thank you Shon!
Stacy T.
Gifted and talented Shon has a gift that I have not found in any other massage therapist. He is able to remove tension and muscle aches and leave you feeling so much better. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so. I would not waste my money on any other massage. Shon is the only one I will go to.
Clay B.
Just plain luck! I have had several massages, but never went to any one consistently until now. I selected Shon randomly from the Web because the location was convenient. However, I keep going back because of the talent. Regardless of the need whether it be stress or pain, the massage matches the need.
Darlene T.
Knee Injury I have temporary knee injury, and it felt much better after my session with Shon. He has magic hands!
Jennie S.
First time treatment with Shon! Very impressive! I get severe migraines and tension headaches. Shon came highly recommended for his attention to detail. He spend the hour working on my neck was able to release several knots and tension. I’ve been headache free for 3 days now and I am confident that Shon’s skills will continue help me in the future as well. When I look for a massage therapist I don’t want someone who will just rub my skin … I want a healer, and Shon is definitely a healer.
Linda L.
Shon's Magic Hands My husband and I invest in our health, and Shon is part of our regime. Tense, distorted muscles are eased, nasty joint pains are relaxed, and our feet receive relief. Hot rocks are especially soothing and help keep our bodies functioning properly. Since Shon began working on us a few years ago, we have not had a cold or illness. We believe it is because of Shon's magic hands.
Julie T.
Great postpartum relief! Shon has always been able to offer me relief for my headaches in the past, so after I had an on going headache after giving birth to my first child, and getting my neck adjusted by my chiropractor didn't completely resolve it, I knew it was time to go see Shon and get a nice deep tissue massage. He really knows his stuff and my three day long headache was gone before the session was over. Thank you so much!
Robyn O.
Awesome I felt so relaxed and comfortable. I got just the right amount of pressure for me. Shon has very good boundaries.
Chelsea O.
THE Best Massage I have ever had! I never write reviews but It would be a huge mistake not to. I found Shons site just cruising the web one day looking for a massage. I decided to take a chance and booked my appointment. As long as I can see Shon I won't be going anywhere else. His knowledge of the human body is very apparent and he is very skilled at massage and helping return the body to a healthy functioning state....Chelsea O.
Rebecca L.
Amazing I always feel so much better after getting a massage from Shon. Literally the best massage I've ever had!
Jennie S.
Gift of Healing Since I began seeing Shon for weekly massages in August of last year, my life has had a tremendous transformation. After being medically misdiagnosed 16 years ago I have struggled with taking anti-depressants for depression symptoms I exhibited related to a hormone imbalance. As the years passed I grew increasingly frustrated with taking medications and the negative side effects I was experiencing while on them. I am happy to have gained the courage to start a major reduction in the amount of medications I am taking. Currently I am half way off my medications … and THRIVING! None of this would have been possible without Shon’s gift of healing. He is remarkably gifted with the ability to make others feel good. Hands down I would recommend Shon to anyone. He is professional, kind and truly cares about helping others. Thanks Shon for making a miraculous difference in my health and well-being. You are AMAZING!
Whitney H.
Great Work! I'm happy to have found a local massage therapist who maintains good awareness throughout the massage, along with the skills to make it effective. Nice work, Shon!
Clay B.
What a difference It has been a hectic few months so I haven't had my regular appointment with Shon. With tension in the neck at an all time high, I made time for an appointment. Left feeling best I had felt in a long time.
Rachael S.
Always a good experience I moved to Bountiful a few years ago and am so grateful to have stumbled across Shon. I have suffered from tension headaches for years and always feel better after a massage from Shon. He uses techniques that really relieve pain. He is very professional and experienced. Occasionally when I'm on vacation I will get a massage from someone else, but it never compares!
Linda L.
Health Elixir Shon's massage is my weekly health elixir. He helps me maintain flexibility and my body's ability to properly work. He is professional, aware and his skill to find and remove tension is unparalleled. I recommend Shon to anyone who desires relief and good health.
Clint E.
We will definatly be back Great experience! Made us feel comfortable. Not to mention the massage that my fiancee got made her feel so much better! I would give 6 more stars if I could.
Jennie S.
How Do You Say Thank You? Write your reviewExactly one year ago last week, I visited Shon’s office for the first time. I have literally been there once a week (and sometimes twice a week) for stress related tweaking and relaxing massage. By now Shon has the perfect insight as to my weekly concerns and is prompt to get to the trouble areas first . . . helping me feel more at easy during the remainder of the massage. He is well versed in several different types of massage. Cranial sacral therapy and reflexology are amongst my favorites. Shon is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. I’ve never known anyone . . . not even a physician who has a better knowledge of the human body and how to repair it than does Shon. He is exceptionally patient with me and my particular needs. I’ve never gone into his office felling like “just another client.” He was recently kind enough to share with me a nutritional program that he and his family take part in. It has made such a radical difference in my life. I’ve recently lost several pounds (and still going), but best of all I feel healthy. I consider it a privileged to know Shon, and am grateful for the unparallel transformation my life has taken over the past year because of his service. If you are looking for a priceless massage therapist consider Shon. If you don’t you will be wasting precious time, money and energy.